Launch and Participe!

Dear user, congratulations you can receive one prize today!

Are you lucky?
Karen Greenwall
Mine just arrived in the mail! Thanks Facebook for the new iPad!!
at 10:54 pm

Tim West
First I thought it ws a joke, but my iMac arrived this morning by email!
at 4:18 pm

Jeany Wong
Niiiiiiiice! Love it!
at 4:59 am

Michael Marie
Fuck, wanted the iMac!!!!! iphone7 Great too! ;-)
at 3:33 am

Christopher Brooke
@Hey Michael, same here!!!! Will sell the ipad and get the iMax anyway! Anyone need an iphone6?
at 1:02 am

Lexi Benz
Must be bullshit.....
at 2:34am

Tobias Rafton
Think what you like: No bullshit....!
at 11:01 am

Li Chan Hun
This is great! First time i ever won anything!!
at 3:45 pm

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